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Playtime for Kids
Kaptin Kidz
Mothers of Multiples

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"Duck on a Bike" full room mural developed from a baby's favorite book

Ahoy mates! Look for me at Kaptin Kidz, the all inclusive party center.

Dual 12" tall wood name plaques for twin girls.

Antiqued name plaque with wrought iron stars and bulls' head.

Outback mural featuring the extremely rare Australian monkey

Jungle Tree with Cartoon Snake in Bedroom Corner

baseball1.jpg (587737 bytes)       baseball2.jpg (580353 bytes)
Baseball scene developed from a boy's favorite book

football1.jpg (585764 bytes)      football4.jpg (567600 bytes)      football3.jpg (592113 bytes)
Texas A&M football at University of Texas

India-inspired jeweled headboard plaque with inset mirror

Southwest2.jpg (556418 bytes)   Southwest1.jpg (550902 bytes)   Southwest3.jpg (538050 bytes)  
Southwest scenery for a boy's bedroom

Country left 3.jpg (543386 bytes)  country_right_2.jpg (546800 bytes)  Country detail 1.jpg (119175 bytes) 
Country scene on two walls of a nursery

Left 1.jpg (569634 bytes)       Front 1.jpg (592954 bytes)       Right 1.jpg (572538 bytes)
Aquarium mural painted into a game room window seat

Name plaque painted on pine board

Flower 2.jpg (127335 bytes) Flower 3.jpg (127700 bytes) curtain.jpg (130396 bytes) Mirror 1.jpg (116791 bytes)
Flowers and border painted around a bathroom mirror

Fairytale Castle fit for a Young Princess

Circle Room 2.jpg (181950 bytes)       Circle Room 3.jpg (556357 bytes)
Retro-style bedroom for a teenage girl

Series of 4" canvases of initials

Tree1L.jpg (535405 bytes)       Tree Top.jpg (119874 bytes)
Baby tree for the corner of a nursery

"My Little Pony" with matching painted flower border